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Mazal Diamond as a manufacturer



It all starts with passion. A jeweler is said to be like an artist or a poet. As a matter of fact his creations are inspired by this passion and led by his heart.  The result is an item that will goes from the creator’s heart to the recipient.  This love permeates a jeweler’s entire job.






There’s an intuition which turns a dream, your dream, into an object containing precious metals and gems. This intuition gives form to the dream. That is where our journey started, long ago.

Today Mazal Diamond is a very modern company with manufacturing facilities using the latest techniques to ensure that the jewelry and the diamonds you receive are perfect.

Every diamond we offer you was hand selected as rough and then cut and polished in our factories. We employ over 3,000 workers which select and polish diamonds starting from 0.7mm and up, with extreme care and attention. Every diamond, regardless of its size, is checked by a machine which is able to “read” the facets and the relative proportions and calculate whether or not that stone meets the excellence standards we have set. If it meets our standards, the diamond is sent to our jewelry department.



Our design team constantly produces new ideas that are presented to our esteemed Italian designers which select those that will become part of our collections. What you will find on the website is just a small portion of our production which has been successful in over 75 Countries worldwide through the years. 

The excitement that comes from creating a good initial sketch that will become a piece of magnificent jewelry is difficult to express. We do hope you can feel the passion and dedication that was put into every jewelry item as soon as you receive yours.

Even if we work with the most recent tools, like three dimensional drawings and computer aided machines as well as microscopes, we tend to keep our manufacturing as artisanal as possible because only the hands of a jeweler can create true masterpieces that have an everlasting value. 



We mainly work with casting, which is definitely the most ancient way to produce with accuracy any metal art work starting from a wax model.  Ancient Greeks and Romans were using this very same technique. 




A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software generates a 3-dimension design derived by the sketch and translates it through a sophisticated machinery into a wax model. Such wax model is refined by an expert jeweler (model maker) before the master piece is ready for casting. During the casting process, the wax, held in special plaster and heated at very high temperatures, is lost. The hollow mold left by the lost wax will be filled by precious metal, which is poured into the plaster. Once the plaster has cooled down, the metal object can be revealed. Here the meticulous work begins at the jeweler’s bench, who will use a variety of very fine and sharp tools to give the object its final yet still rough shape.  




Diamonds and precious gems will deliver sparkle to the item. Carefully, the appropriate stones are selected and the setters, aided by microscope viewers, set them into the piece of metal using different techniques according to various designs and requirements. 






Polishing and plating are the last two steps that finish the piece. A multitude of harder and softer burs and buffs are used to polish the metal and give it its shiny look. 




Every single step of this very complex series of works is monitored by Quality Control managers. It is somehow unimaginable the number of people that are involved in the creation of a single piece of jewelry. Yet they need to be perfectly coordinated and tuned to the same objective. Our experience has taught us that if we managed to pass to our co-workers our moral values together with our unlimited passion for this job we could find the key to obtain a perfect harmonious sequence. Such harmony can be found in everything we do, from the simplest to the most intricate jewelry piece, from the smallest to the largest diamond, and from our service to the precision and reliability of our staff. 



Thank you for letting us create a little piece of perfection for you.


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