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Diamond Fashion Pendants

Diamond Fashion Pendants
Mazal Diamond fashion pendants consist of any shape, design or metal. All our diamond pendants are hand crafted pendants featuring diamond encrusted shapes, most commonly set with round brilliant cut diamonds. There’s no limit to the styles for diamond pendants. Diamond fashion pendants can be symbolic or fun; initials, animals, stars .. large or smal but always elegant and classy. The key is matching the right diamond pendant or diamond necklace design to the occasion and clothing. Choose something fun for informal and casual wear, and something elegant and sophisticated for a dressy night. Diamond fashion pendants in history of jewelry have always been any designer's freedom of expression. When approaching the design of a fashion diamond pendant the designer has very little, if any, restrictions: so must be your choice for a diamond pendant in this category. Let your spirit fly and choose what intrigues you more, she will love it because you chose it. You will love it because no one knows you better than you do.
Diamond Clarity:
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0.02ct Diamond Rose Flower Chain Bracelet
$ 338
0.04ct Diamond Cross Pendant
$ 183
0.26ct Marquise Diamond Pendant with Flower Cluster
$ 788
0.09ct Diamond Cross Pendant
$ 423
Diamond Halo Pendant with Pearl
$ 501
Diamond Three Circle Pendant
$ 451
0.80ct Diamond Circle 'Jungle' Pendant
$ 1735
1.60ct Diamond Circle 'Jungle' Pendant
$ 3257
0.05ct Diamond Dainty Circle Pendant
$ 352
0.05ct Diamond Dainty Drop Pendant
$ 320
0.07ct Diamond Dainty Line Pendant
$ 331
0.85ct Leaf Diamond Pendant
$ 2123
1.55ct Circle Diamond Foliage Pendant
$ 3231
1ct Drop Diamond Pendant
$ 2452
Black and White Diamond Line Pendant
$ 312
0.31ct F I1 Diamond Dainty Circle Pendant
$ 743
0.49ct F I1 Diamond Circle Pendant
$ 1023
0.28ct F I1 Star-Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 851
0.24ct F I1 Diamond Square Pendant
$ 665
0.04ct F I1 Diamond Circle and Square Pendant
$ 504
0.31ct F I1 Double Circle Diamond Pendant
$ 919
0.13ct F I1 Heart-Shaped Dangling Diamond Pendant
$ 515
0.19ct F I1 Diamond Drop Pendant
$ 625
0.54ct F I1 Diamond Circle and Wave Pendant
$ 1459
0.27ct F I1 Deco Style Diamond Pendant
$ 795
0.08ct F I1 Diamond Polished Teardrop Pendant
$ 470
0.40 ct F I1 Diamond Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 925
0.08ct F I1 Diamond Polished Round Pendant
$ 491
1.51 ct F I1 Oval Shaped Milgrain Diamond Pendant
$ 2768
0.08ct F I1 Diamond Polished Marquise Pendant
$ 490
0.43ct F I1 Teardrop-Shaped Diamond Pendant with Flower Cluster
$ 1150
0.41ct F I1 Leaf-Shaped Diamond Pendant with Flower Cluster
$ 1109
0.50ct F I1 Cushion-Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 1224
0.79ct F I1 Shamrock-Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 1733
0.47ct F I1 Teardrop Diamond Pendant
$ 1220
1.01 ct F I1 Oval Diamond Milgrained Pendant
$ 2080
1.34ct F I1 Elongated Teardrop Diamond Fashion Pendant
$ 2512
0.39ct F I1 Marquise-Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 880
0.31ct F I1 Micro-Set Diamond Pendant with Concentric Circles
$ 992
0.72ct F I1 Diamond Pendant with Concentric Circles
$ 1680
0.49ct F I1 Diamond Pendant with Flower Cluster
$ 1063
0.46ct F I1 Concentric Teardrop Diamond Pendant
$ 1246
1.35ct F I1 Elongated Diamond-Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 2483
0.57 ct F I1 Teardrop Diamond Studded Pendant
$ 1370
0.41ct F I1 Square-Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 1063
0.58ct F I1 Diamond Pendant with Diamond-Shaped Cutout
$ 1277
0.20ct F I1 Flower-Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 824
0.45ct F I1 Diamond Drop Pendant with Flower Cluster
$ 1135
0.68ct F I1 Diamond Double Circle Pendant
$ 1628
0.73 ct F I1 Micro Set Diamond Fashion Pendant
$ 1212
1.97 ct F I1 Round Diamond Milgrained Pendant
$ 3542
0.77 ct F I1 7 Stone Dangling Diamond Pendant
$ 1582
2.18 ct F SI Line-and-Dot Diamond Pendant in 10kt White Gold
$ 4012
2.18 ct F I1 Line-and-Dot Diamond Pendant
$ 4012
0.52 ct F I1 Oval Shaped MicroPavee Diamond Pendant
$ 1392
0.14 ct F I1 14 Stone Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 493
0.52 ct F I1 22 Stone Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant
$ 1046
0.54 ct F I1 Micropave Diamond Drop Pendant
$ 1337
0.18 ct F I1 Open Circle Diamond Pendant
$ 691
4 Hearts Clover Diamond Pendant in 18kt Gold or Platinum
$ 0
1.15ct Three Circles Micro-set Diamond Pendant
$ 3222
0.60ct Diamond Cross Pendant
$ 1138
1.75ct Diamond Cross Pendant
$ 3663
0.26ct Diamond Cross Pendant
$ 715
0.25ct Diamond Cross Pendant Rail setting
$ 754
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